Norridge School District 80
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    Emergency Closing Center

    Emergency Closing Information

    School closings due to severe weather or other unusual circumstances will be announced between 6:30 and 8 a.m. on the district's website and by an automated phone calling system. Also, you can go to for school closing information.

    How Closing Decisions Are Made

    The decision to implement closing procedures will be made after carefully assessing a given weather situation. The safety of your child is at the forefront in the decision-making process. Parents should create emergency back up plans in advance for children in the event of a school closing.

    How Closing Decisions Are Communicated

    We will always post information on our website and send recorded voice messages to parents' phone numbers regarding closing due to inclement weather. Our emergency notification system automatically imports phone numbers from school records. Therefore, it is very important that you keep your contact information current on the school's records. We want you to receive important messages so please make sure your phone numbers listed in your student's records are accurate so you can receive messages. Reopening of school will not be announced, but the closing announcement will be made each day as necessary.

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