Norridge School District 80

    Student and Parent Frequently Asked Questions

    Is there school today?

    What do I need to register my child in Norridge School District #80?
    - Original birth certificate
    - Real estate property tax bill, home mortgage statement or signed and dated lease
    - Utility bill (gas, phone, water or electric)
    - And Illinois drivers license, Illinois state ID or Illinois vehicle registration - If Living with Family Those who do not own a home but are living with a family within our District must provide all of the above information pertaining to residence from the homeowner, utility bill with your name and current address and you must also submit an Attestation Form. The form can be picked up in the School Office.

    Is there bussing?
    - There is no bussing of students in Norridge School District #80.

    Is there a preschool?
    - There is a private preschool/day care that rents space in our Leigh School.
    Norridge Day Care can be reached at 708-453-2141

    How can I get hold of my child’s teacher?

    Can I pick up my child early?
    If you know that you need to pick up your child early on a school day, please write a note to the teacher so we can have them ready. If in an emergency you need to call ahead before picking up your child. All students must be signed out by an adult 18 years or older.

    My child forgot his lunch?
    - Students will be allowed to call home.
    - Lunch Menus
    - Remember – NO FAST FOOD!

    Can I bring in birthday treats?
    - Birthday treats are not allowed

    How do I change my phone number in your records?
    - Please put the change of information in writing and send it with your student.

    What are the boundaries for Leigh and Giles School?

    What do I need to do if I move but still live in Norridge?
    Bring new proofs of residency to the Office.

    How to contact us.