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    Mr. Jobe, Director of Technology:
    Getting Your Classroom Usernames and Passwords List

    Every student in grades 1-8 receives a personal username and password. This username
    allows students to login to computers and sets them up with access to resources like
    their own personal file space on the network. Students should always save their work
    to allocated spaces on the network or to their own thumb drives. Files should not be
    saved directly to any given computer.

    You can obtain usernames and passwords for students in your class by doing the following:

    Login to PowerTeacher at

    Click the PRINTER ICON to the right of your attendance class.

    In the pull down menu to the right of "Which report would you like to print?" choose "Usernames and Passwords"

    Click the blue SUBMIT button.

    The screen will change to show your personal Report Queue. If status of the job is not "Completed" click the word REFRESH to the right of "Report Queue - My Jobs" every half minute or so until job status changes to "Completed". Note that the status will never update by itself. You must click REFRESH to see the status change. (Fortunately this report runs very quickly.)

    Once job status is "Completed" you should right click the word "View" and choose to open the link in a new window or tab. The list will open and be viewable. Using the icons in the .pdf browser toolbar you can print (printer icon) or save (floppy disk icon) the usernames and passwords list.

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