James Giles School

School Office

School Secretary Mrs. Helen Lanzourakis



Phone/Address Change


You can call the office at 708-453-4847 or email me at hlanzourakis@norridge80.net to report a change in home or work phone numbers or emergency contact information.


Documentation is required to make a permanent address change. In the event of a change, please bring all four documents to the school office:


1)     Tax Bill or Mortgage Statement or Signed Lease

2)     Gas, Electric or Phone Bill

3)     Illinois Drivers License or Illinois State ID

4)     State of Illinois Vehicle Registration


All documents must show the parent name and new address to complete an address change.


To Contact the School Office

Phone: 708-453-4847

Fax: 708-456-0798

Email: hlanzourakis@norridge80.net